The Messaging and Marketing Changes to Make Now for Post-Pandemic Success

We’re two months into the new normal. Difficult decisions have been made – and more might be in store – but you’ve stabilized the freefall, patched the gaping holes and found an operational equilibrium. So what next? It’s time to move your business online.

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein” 

When COVID shrunk our physical world to our homes, the digital world surged. Staying home means staying connected. It’s increased the hours spent online, streaming, gaming, scrolling across every medium. This means that there are increased opportunities to connect meaningful messaging to your audience. It also means that your brick and mortar business REALLY needs to migrate online to maximize traffic.

What do you need to do to move online and amplify your brand presence to position yourself to rebound from the COVID effect?

  • Content (new messaging & creative)
  • Online presence (web design, SEO, e-commerce)
  • Marketing (pivot your social, marketing, and digital advertising  strategy)

Sound daunting? We are experts in full-scale branding, marketing and messaging packages.

Engaged now, our services can position you to succeed in the second half of the year.

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Curious about what you might need? Read on. 

How we can help your brand rebound (or just bound) 

Here are the services that we offer that can strengthen your digital presence and position you for post-pandemic success.

Voice and communication strategy 

With all eyes on the internet – now is the best possible time to do some good with your messaging. Focused, transparent messaging offering valuable contributions (rather than sales conversations) deeply resonates in this climate. And we’ve got experience crafting this exact messaging. If you recall our niche is tourism which took a huge hit overnight.

Immediately, we pivoted our messaging to offer valuable contributions during this period of limited travel. This included featuring community support stories (like when Teddy’s Brewhaus in Brownwood, Texas, started making hand sanitizer and when a local resident started a pay-it-forward take-out donation for San Saba residents), recipes from local businesses and suggestions for safe entertainment.

Creative assets

For many businesses, content is the main thing that you have to share right now. Consumers’ media needs are exceptionally higher than ever; though the type of content they seek is different than a couple of months ago. As we mentioned, most of this content isn’t about selling. Rather, it’s about supporting. It’s a chance to build consumer trust and future buy-in. Your creative asset vault [likely] needs retooling to resonate with their new needs: entertainment, information and inspiration. Have a look at tourism content we curated to spread messages of hope and welcome, inspiring future travel without jeopardizing the safety today.


Brownwood Will Be Waiting from City of Brownwood on Vimeo.


Online Presence 
Web Optimization

With smartphone usage up about 70% globally (with Gen Z reaching 80%), optimized web design has never been more important. Your site needs to look great on a desktop and mobile. It also needs to function well – it’s been proven that website speed matters in conversion rates and Google rankings. If you don’t have a sound understanding of the changing web development, security, eCommerce and UX trends, web design experts are the first place to look to take your business online.


SEO is crucial in attracting customers to your web content organically. COVID turned SEO strategy on its head almost overnight, pairing drastic trend changes with increased search activity.  trending buckets change drastically along with increased search activity. This means that outdated SEO from March might be negatively impacting your organic search ranking. Moreover, if you are moving to an e-commerce model, now is the time to optimize your SEO for your business’ evolution. We offer niche and general SEO strategies that perform in rural (low competition), mid-size (medium competition) and metro (high competitions).


If you have been hesitant to add an eCommerce component to your brick and mortar website, now is the time to go digital. This transition does not mean you abandon your current model (unless you need to) but allows you the flexibility to grow in a way that aligns with buying trends. Adding an eCommerce shop exponentially increases your potential sales. This is because shoppers can interact with your brand at all times of the day, anywhere in the world. Ecommerce also maximizes the potential of PPC and digital advertising with direct links to products.

Digital advertising 

A lot of brands we’ve consulted with came to us with questions. What should we be advertising? Where should we be putting out ads? Turns out, most people agree that advertising should continue – though in many cases this means that existing campaigns need to be scrapped and rebuilt with updated messaging and content.


Opportunities for advertising have increased across streaming services, news streams, in addition to social media. The result? There is a lot of potential for diversification and digital amplification. Now is the time to hand the reins over to marketers (like us…) who know where and how to put your ad spend to best use.

Social Media + Digital Platforms 

While growth metrics are diminishing with changing algorithms that favor pay-to-play schemes, this is an opportunity to build consistent brand messaging across digital platforms. Our social media calendars maximize exposure and impact while establishing a cohesive brand voice.

We customize each customer engagement based on the services you need. Whether you need just one service or the full gamut – let us know how we can help move your business online. 

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