Texas Stories

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Texas, also known as The Lone Star State, is the second-largest state in the United States of America after California in terms of population and Alaska by area. From the stories we have created and the experience we have gained from the road content over the years at Found Texas

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To explore more, you need to focus your trip outside the two main cities. Either starting from San Antonio or Austin, you can head to Hill Country and explore the official Texas wine Trail.

Plus, you can stop by Jacob’s well, Texas’ artesian spring that is housed in this State’s second-biggest submerged cave. You can either choose to swim or just see and enjoy the site. If you feel like testing your fear of depths or heights, that is if you think you have any of them, you can jump or dive here as well.

If you’re just enjoying the sight of Jacob’s well and park without swimming-there are no fees or charges.

The outdoor beauty is still plentiful. You will have the chance to visit Pedernales Falls State Park, the famous Guadalupe River State Park, and the Natural Bridge Caverns.

You can also take a walk and visit the Brazos River, the 11th longest river in the United States, flowing from Blackwater to the Gulf of Mexico.

Any Texan will tell you how their food is the best in the world. You, as a tourist, should not take such stories lightly. Be curious, make a move, and visit Texas to explore more.

Visit any restaurant, you will be welcomed with a sweet aroma of chicken fried steak, queso, barbecue, hamburgers, pecan pie, and chili. These are some of the foods that have become the symbol of the state of Texas.

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