The hospitality and the tourism business is a fascinating one because it offers comfort, joy, peace, and rest when executed effectively and efficiently. Indeed, the hospitality industry in general is one that promises individuals with a fantastic time so that they can focus on their business affairs or their leisure activities.

The hospitality industry presents hotel guests with hospitality, food, rooms, and a vibrant brand that promises comfortable lodging when one visits a property. The level of hospitality is of the utmost importance as hotels and those within the tourism sector must make sure to present fantastic mental images of the brand and everything that it offers. The hotel or the tourism business may present guests with a restaurant or two, fantastic food, world class views, in addition to other benefits on their property.

But the critical point here is that while the hotel and the tourism business can focus on providing excellent services and maintaining the space to provide fantastic experiences, it must ensure to have ongoing campaigns that focus on imagery.

The right campaigns that focus on images through hotel photography or architectural photography can certainly make a difference for the hotel and tourism business. Hotel photography and hospitality photographers at the full service marketing firm, Found, can offer resort photographer services, social media marketing and much more that would compel customers to come to your hotel or series of hotels.

Similar to our video, our photography team has developed a  resume that spans the genres from food and drink to real estate to  people and events. We take pride in being able to capture the moment,  whatever that moment might be!

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When hospitality photography is mentioned, what goes through an average person’s mind? Is it the free photos in Shutterstock showing beautiful hotels and relaxation centers or the popular hotel décor design on Pinterest? Photography is more than beautiful pictures of beautiful locations and their aesthetics: it involves using these pictures to tell the viewer the story, history, and attributes of the place.

A picture is worth a thousand memories: this is what hospitality photography should convey to the viewers. It should deliver beautiful and clear pictures taken from unique angles; a good photograph should trigger interest, actions, and emotions in the viewer’s mind.

To a layman, photography is the act of producing pictures or images with a camera. It sounds easy to anyone who hears this definition as to them; it focuses on an object and clicks the camera (Tada!!) 

But compelling photography that speaks to people is about so much more.

Photographs involve more than clicking the camera’s shutter; several hidden complexities and difficulties occur when photography happens—the type of camera, lens, exposure, stance, angles, and lighting, to mention a few.

In tourism, one should expect the main driving force of advertising as a critical factor to success. What do you present to your customers? What content can you offer them? All these can be conveyed accurately through photographs and visual imagery.

Photography allows tourists to catch a glimpse of what to expect. Remember that the tourism industry needs to pull in people before giving them a taste of their services. They can’t offer a free experience and expect the tourist to pay afterward. So instead, they show the tourist photos of what they are missing to drive their need. 

The industry improves the process further by showing more photos of places focusing on the unique features and benefits of the area. And guess who is excited to go on a trip because of an image. The end consumer!

Those stunning pictures of Maldives and Borabora you see when scrolling through the internet, who do you think captures them? You guessed it! A tourism photographer.

Photograph tourism is a branch in tourism whereby a photographer ( also a tourist) visits the desired location with the primary aim of capturing features unique to them. Aside from enjoying the glory of the tourist location, a tourism photographer’s main reason is to photograph attractive creations and structures. These structures may include beautiful buildings like the Taj Mahal, breath-taking structures like the Eiffel tower, beautiful oceans and beaches.

Aesthetics are everywhere, and they are mostly bland. There can be thousands of beautiful photos showcasing locations qualities and features, but if it doesn’t affect the viewer’s emotions and push them to take any action, it is ineffective.

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We offer photography services that convey that you need your prospective customers to engage with you by translating your brand features into a compelling story.

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