At Found Texas, we are a full-service marketing agency with 10 years in the tourism marketing field and a combined experience of 50 years as a team. The tourism industry is complicated and competitive. However, we’ve successfully managed to promote different businesses within the tourism sector including hospitality businesses such as hotels, tour operators, restaurants, entertainment venues, social events etc through different marketing strategies such as branding, videography, photography, business development, content creation, and digital marketing services like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other digital solutions. 

At Found Texas, we are also experts in economic development strategies. We have helped communities, cities, and small towns in Texas to improve their image and increase investment opportunities through different activities including branding, events, public relations, videography, photography, and other strategies. Our branding efforts coupled with designed programs and attainable goals have enabled businesses and small towns to get investors and increase productivity, sales, and economic strength.  


When you hire our branding services at Found Company, you gain access to dedicated experts whose main aim is to help you make or build your brand. We have over a decade of experience in branding across all industries in providing designing logos, text treatment, and packaging designs. We will pair the right designers with the right project and help you nail your brand and enable you to avoid settling for average. We'll make sure you take your customers' experience to the next level.


At Found, we have built an impressive repertoire of video credits that include documentaries, music videos, sizzle reels, and others. We have managed to put together video marketing strategies for numerous tourism businesses and enhanced their marketing and sales activities. Our in-house team has the experience and equipment to handle any size of the project, big or small.


Just like our videography experts, our photography team has developed a resume that covers numerous genres including food, events, people, real estate, and drinks. We take pride in capturing the moment, any moment it might be! differentiating its authenticity and ensuring it's a result-oriented marketing piece that boosts and builds a brand or business.

Digital Marketing

Our primary focus for Texas tourism marketing has been to establish a digital footprint for small towns. We have achieved this through the creations of unique and captivating stories on social media, blog content, print publications, and websites. Our digital strategy experts have succeeded in promoting tourism brands and businesses through building audiences using research and targeting that have resulted in action and visits including bookings in hotels, park visitations, events attendances, shopping at local stores, and among others.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are a virtual powerhouse for your brand advertisement. You can post your service or product to engage with current customers and new ones instantly. It's effective when you're on a budget but still need to increase traffic. Our social media experts at Found company utilize the best social media marketing strategies including custom posts and frequent brand engagement conversations to increase customers and sales.

Website Design & Development

Your website is your main customer service and support center. It should be captivating and creative to ensure the customer experience is flawless. Our website designers at Found Company always have eyes for detail and creative designs. We have designed websites that are interactive and intuitive which easily increased direct bookings for hotels and increased customers for other tourism businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine having your hotel located in a desolate area with no traffic. If no one knows your existence, then how will you register any bookings? This is what SEO experts at Found Company solve in the hospitality industry. We have increased numerous search engine rankings for our clients that have generated online traffic for their websites and helped build loyal followers and customers. The quality content and links you feed on your website help improve your online visibility. Our SEO experts have managed to increase our clients' brands visibility through keyword analysis, on & off-page optimization.

Content Creation

We have developed connected components that include blogs, videos, and photos with the main aim of maximizing impact. We are experienced experts when it comes to developing ideas that have reached out to partners and interesting content that have drawn in people to various tourism destinations and hospitality industries. Whether you're creating content for sales articles or blogs, you need quality content to leverage on SEO outcomes. Our content creation professionals have produced many interesting, detailed, and immersive content for our client's businesses, products, and services in the tourism sector.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Management

Pay per click services makes you pay only for the traffic that reaches your website. This makes pay-per-click services cost-effective and maximizes your marketing results. Google Search Ads, Retargeting Ads, and Shopping Ads should be part of your PPC strategy. Our professional digital marketing team has developed numerous PPC strategies and competitor analysis which have significantly improved our clients' sales and profits.

Reputation Management

A poor reputation can negatively affect your brand or business. We have managed to improve the reputation of our clients' businesses using numerous strategies including social media posts and activities, print publications, videography, photography, and many other ways. Let our Found experts enhance your positive reviews and counter any bad online reviews. Trust is key in any business and must be protected at all costs. We will help you do this at a fraction of the cost.

Public Relations

We are excellent storytellers and we've helped businesses enhance, build, and enhance their reputations through print publications, social media, and self-produced communications. We have helped businesses mitigate damages by formulating the best response when the articles or reviews present poorly.

Marketing strategies play a very crucial role in boosting brands and businesses in the tourism industry. At Found Texas, we are experienced professionals in tourism marketing and we understand the value of having a consistent brand identity in this industry. We have helped many hospitality and tourism businesses provide exceptional experience, both physical and digital, gain more customers and given them a competitive edge among their competitors.

We have managed to split marketing strategies that maintain past relationships and gain new clients helping tourism businesses to maximize their earning capacity and making huge profits. As we’ve mentioned earlier, these marketing strategies will include both offline and online efforts. Contact us today, and let us help with your tourism marketing strategies as you focus on providing the best products and services for your Texas tourism business.