Content Creation

Content matters to every industry, but it certainly plays a significant role in the hospitality and tourism industries. 

The hospitality and tourism industry is a world where dreams come true. At least, dreams come true when these industries ensure to get the messaging correct and live up to the task.

These industries provide a getaway, they serve as places for individuals to make memories and enjoy life to the fullest.

Each of these segments of the industry are also intertwined in various ways. When individuals travel and visit their local areas or exotic locations, they want to stay in a place that they will enjoy. Further, they want to visit sites that call out to them. 

Finally, they want to be in areas that spark a specific type of incredible emotion.

This spark of life is what compels people to stay in one hotel over the other. 

Further, the correct type of messaging around local or exotic locations makes people take time out of their lives and funds out of their bank accounts to visit.

But the truth is that it is hard to convey the right type of message when you are in these industries. It may be challenging to do so effectively because these are fast-paced sectors that revolve around customer service and full care. In addition, compelling messaging and marketing requires individuals who focus on the business, have the experience, overall expertise, and knowledge to create significant value.

That is where partners like Found come into the picture. We have been in the hospitality and tourism industry for a while and understand the various nuances present within these fantastic sectors. As a full-service marketing agency, we connect each part of the marketing puzzle together and create fantastic content that allows our tourism and travel niche clients to thrive.

Our passion is to discover, present, and increase the reach of stories present within cities, villages, businesses, and other hospitality and tourism industry members. We relish the fact that we have the opportunity to drive more brand value through our comprehensive campaigns.

Found is the industry leader in small-town Texas tourism marketing and economic development strategy. We are experienced and successful in this vertical, as well as capable across all marketing channels. Reach out to us for your hotel content marketing needs!

To understand content marketing for cities & hotels, one must understand what it is from a fundamental level. Content marketing is essentially the creation and distribution of brand assets. These brand assets may range from text content to images to videos and even digital newsletters. Each of these brand assets can play a role in attracting and adding to your customer base.

More cities are paying attention to their content because they want to attract and retain various demographics. Those cities and respective businesses that note their various unique characteristics and what they have to offer in the most robust way possible can obtain their goals.

Cities and respective businesses that understand that the tastes and interests of consumers vary and change over time can prepare themselves to adjust accordingly. The right partners like Found TX can tap into a wealth of knowledge in marketing strategies to assist with revenue management for cities and businesses alike.

Now, when it comes to cities and businesses like hotels, what is fantastic about it is that people genuinely want to know about the cities, businesses and the various characteristics and amenities. They want to dive into your content if it is compelling.

Cities have quite a bit to offer and can increase their awareness with content that can range from a blog post to paid ads and more.

Cities and the various businesses present within the city will likely be inherently interesting because of their services, their various spaces, the many amenities that they have. The challenge is to show why one should choose one city and its respective businesses over the other one. Even more so, individuals must realize that your city and businesses like its different hotels are a strong contender in their itinerary and must hear about your city and various businesses in the first place.

At Found, we look at our city clients and look at various characteristics that could make them unique. We look at the whole process, from the current visibility and awareness of the city and its unique brand to intriguing aspects about the brand’s story or history.

Then we discover more about the end audience, the types of clients that have visited in the past, and those who may have similar wants and needs as well. Then use a mixture of art and science to distribute relevant and useful content in a consistent fashion to compel and convert more customers.

We fine tune our digital marketing to maximize efficiency and gain significant value to obtain more profits for our clients.

The core idea is to attract the right audience, to provide them with a great time, and ensure that they continue to come back regularly. Found focuses on useful, relevant, and engaging content that has information and entertainment value. We ensure to continue campaigns regularly to generate the right results.

At the same time, Found knows that a great content marketing strategy is not about continuously blasting out content in a random fashion. It is not about context-less promotional messages but rather about targeted outreach. The sales pitch in our content marketing strategy is not overt, our campaigns ensure that the material is compelling enough to draw the right consumer base.

Our cities and hotel content market strategy focuses on the target audience, stays in line with best practices related to search engines and social media channels.

Sure, the tourism and hospitality industry can be a crowded space, but each type of content for cities and hotels should show why your brand is unique and compelling. Whether the content is targeting the hotel industry in a specific city or it is focused on hospitality marketing such as hostel content marketing, it is necessary to focus on the critical points that matter.

Found is a full service consulting firm capable of providing a full suite of marketing services as well as business development coaching and economic development strategy.

We pride ourselves on creating compelling content that genuinely speaks to the right audience. Our team will use our specific refined processes and procedures to ensure that we cater to each client.

The team at Found Texas prioritizes creating our content because we realize that fresh and valuable content finely crafted for our customers speaks volumes.

According to data, consensus, and our experience in the industry, we have found that unique content drives results. This is true for all types of content, images, and text.

Further, we find that distinctive content for cities and their respective local businesses perform well due to various reasons.

The primary reason is that a unique view and perspective on a particular city and its business can highlight information that resonates with your audience.

Our team looks at enriching the customer with unique content experiences and adding more value, pulling them into visiting a specific city and its respective businesses. The data shows that businesses and cities that present unique content can attract and convert a larger portion of an audience.

Simply said, fun and captivating unique content brings about significant value for you and your customer demographics.

What is great about creating content for the travel industry is that we can go through quite a bit of data across the board. For instance, we can comb through mentions on social media platforms, understand Google analytics, search engine optimization, and user-generated content.

Our travel content can focus on hotel brand awareness, the hospitality business sports in the area, and quality content that internet users will love and appreciate. Our marketing efforts center our potential groups of consumers.

Our view is that our clients exist to meet a need of potential customers and must find ways to resonate and fit into their target audience’s lives. We create content and conduct content marketing around this simple premise in our travel content and our hospitality marketing.

Found will conduct campaigns from scratch based on search queries and generate content ideas that really speak to potential guests. If you seek a company with a content strategy that optimizes for fresh content and for mobile devices, and online content that genuinely speaks to users, reach out to Found today.

With over 10 years experience in the field and over 50 years combined experience on the team, Found brings a stable yet rejuvenated approach to a complicated industry. We work with each client to tailor the plan to their specific needs and goals and inform our decisions with our past experience.

One of the things that makes Found stand out in Texas tourism marketing is our ability to tell stories. Through our video and photography work, blogs, and social media content, we create a digital identity for places and businesses that make them interesting to others.

Whether you are looking for content that matters for your social channels, relevant content for your blogs, or website content that creates a connection with your intended audience, our team at Found can deliver content that matters.

If you have questions or inquiries about our process, contact us and we will respond quickly. Our entire staff is focused on working on a better idea or two to attract end users for our clients with our content marketing efforts. We spend time fine tuning our methods and learning about the latest trends to generate value for our clients.

Contact Found today, and we will be pleased to answer questions that you may have and get started on your fantastic projects.