Introducing the new Found!

Found is back with a brand new edition…of us!

We’ve been doing a lot of growing the last couple of years – fortunately, without too many pains. As frequently happens when our clients outgrow their initial success, it was our turn to refresh and rebrand. Great as the former Found Media Group was, it was time to align our look, feel and scope to better represent Found circa now. 104 logo edits and color palettes later, we’re thrilled to launch the new Found! Our core services are still the main attraction (though we have expanded our offerings), but our niche expertise is more clearly defined! Without further ado, we are excited to introduce Found 2.0.

Who we are 

We are five team members who have a deep love for the creative and curious.  No matter our respective talents (some of us can name every Star Wars character, some of us can win paella cook-offs, some of us can walk you through the biomolecular chemistry of insects, some of us can win gold for best GIFing, some of us can put down seven tacos in one sitting), together we curate and amplify the unique stories of cities, towns and local businesses through full-service marketing and branding campaigns. Across our team, you’ll find one common theme. A curiosity for life and a penchant for storytelling. And — of course — the chops to drive successful marketing campaigns in the tourism, travel and hospitality niche.

How we got here

We cut our teeth in the hospitality and lifestyle industry in 2012. Over the years, we’ve evolved and diversified our portfolio. Naturally, we’re proud of all of our clients, but we’ve developed organic expertise with city clients in particular. We now have three cities (both economic development and tourism campaigns) and one travel platform that we’re pushing all-ahead forward. During a recent roundtable, our collective love of travel and talent for bringing stories inevitably led us to the conclusion that our energy is best invested in this niche. Working with cities to drive tourism, as well as the businesses and people who are the heart and soul of their appeal is our bread and butter. As we enter a new decade, we’re excited to be working with clients on all sides of the tourism and hospitality industry, whether it is collaborating with cities on Tourism and Economic Development plans, working with restaurants, breweries and wineries on brand development, or working with influencers to raise awareness.

Don’t worry, this might be our specialty, but we love working with dynamic clients outside of this niche. Here’s what we can do for you.


Video Production

Videography has long been a core Found service. Why? The simple answer is that video, with a conversion rate of more than 80%, outperforms other content on every platform.

Video is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan. It’s central to your outreach and campaign efforts … especially your social strategy. – Hubspot

The more complex answer is that videos give marketers the ability to tell a story that sparks the senses, conjuring emotion. Positive emotions correlatively increase your conversion rate and potentially impact buyer decisions. Consider this:

  • Merely mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%.
  • By 2021, people will spend 100 minutes per day watching online video content (up from 84 minutes in 2019).
  • Visual content on Facebook increases engagement by 65 percent while boosting views by 48 percent.
  • Humans process visuals faster than text (by a whopping 60,000 times).
  • Video helps viewers retain 95% of messaging versus 10% of text reading retention.
  • Video can increase landing page conversions by 80%.

We’ve seen, and our clients have felt, a huge impact with video content. Our videography services include strategy, storyboarding, scripting, talent and location sourcing, direction, filming, production and editing. Ergo, we’ve been making a boatload of marketing videos. Check ’em out.

Content Strategy, Curation & Marketing

Owned media and content is the marketing standard. Effective content strategy analyzes audiences to deliver engaging, brand-consistent content which sparks a connection with potential and current users. Multimedia content strategies streamline your brand, keeping you at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Through strategic brand cultivation, we have earned the title of “experts” by streamlining content production with web development to provide seamless SEO, optimized web copywriting, and content marketing streams spanning email marketing, blog creation and social media. Further, we combine owned media with earned media garnered through public relations. Our clients have been featured in outlets like Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, D Magazine, CultureMap, Eater, and more.

Brand Development

We’ve learned that when we own a brand, everyone wins. Whether you’re deploying a new campaign or need a refresh, we collaborate with our clients to build a strategic identity, one that will tell their unique stories. Efforts are coordinated across creative, graphic design, business and messaging strategy, and web development to reach your defined goals. What are some examples? Check out our portfolio!

Digital Advertising & Marketing

Thankfully, the days of expensive print ads and foggy advertising ROI are over. Digital advertising has changed the playing field for small businesses. Now more than half of buying decisions are influenced by social media advertising. What’s more, 64% of people credit a video with an ultimate purchase (remember how we said video was king?).

In 2019, eMarketer projects that U.S. advertisers will spend 54.2% of their ad budgets on digital ads, and by 2023 that figure will reach 66.8%. – Marketo

Do you need a digital ad strategy? YES. Digital platforms have made it all but impossible to build brand awareness organically (i.e. without ad spend). Thankfully, these days your ad money works smarter and goes further than ever before. Not only can we zero in on targeted audiences, building them based on specific demographics, engagement, and buyers’ journey stage that are brand relevant, but we can evaluate hard data and tweak strategy for better performance. Our services include digital ad strategy and campaign execution, digital ad design and landing page copy, ad targeting, ad pricing strategy, ad testing and optimization.

So. Along with tacos and Topo Chico, this is what we’ve been up to with our full multi-media marketing team in place. What stories can we bring to life for you in 2020 and beyond?

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