Texas City Campaigns

Texas City Campaigns

We have helped numerous towns launch tourism and business development campaigns around things that make them unique and interesting. This page showcases some of our work, sorted into categories. If you would like to see a town like yours, scroll down the list. If you are interested specifically in marketing via blogs or videos, we have examples. Finally, we have photos from some of the marketing pages below. Scroll down to review our work.

Elements of a Campaign

Our business and tourism campaigns have different elements, but the goal is the same – to attract employers, tourists, and workers.

Business Development Campaigns

Business development emphasizes the business climate in town, of course. This means you want your marketing to cover things that make the town look attractive:

  • Proximity to a major metro area
  • Low property tax rates
  • Local infrastructure
  • Schools, K-12 vocational/technical, and college
  • Affordable housing

Entrepreneurs, corporations, gig workers, and remote workers all look for different specifics, but they all want to find a business-friendly climate.

Effective Tourism Campaigns

A tourism marketing campaign should present your town to Web surfers in as many ways as possible. People look for different things on vacation and have different purposes for looking up things to do or places to go.

For example, daytrippers look for things to do near Dallas or Brownsville or whatever city they live in. Someone on a road trip from Austin to Lubbock will want to look for a landmark or cultural attraction along the way. Both Web surfers might want to know about a great BBQ restaurant. Someone else might want to know if there is a vegan-friendly restaurant halfway between Austin and Lubbock.

We provide the design and copy, you provide the information. Making a compelling case for people to visit your town or do business there involves several steps, including market research, keyword research, good web design, and interesting text to support some good photos and video clips.

Examples of Found TX Campaigns

This page combines economic development and tourism management projects our company has carried out.

Blog Posts

Blogging about upcoming events, historical events, and odd or underappreciated local attractions can attract more tourists. Blogging about business-related news is a good way to emphasize the economic advantages of being in your location.


These are photos we’ve used to promote attractions and amenities in various locations.


Video clips are probably even more powerful than photos and blog posts, so short clips of events of all sorts can be a great way to attract visitors.

Business Development Campaigns

Economic development is going digital. Networking is still important, but Web marketing in various ways is no longer optional. You want to use compelling text, plus photos and perhaps some video clips to position your town as an attractive option.

Sometimes, marketing is easy and sometimes it takes some extra work and creativity to compete for businesses and workers. A suburb of Brownsville cannot market itself like a town way out in the Panhandle.

Tourism Campaigns

Every town has something to attract visitors, but sometimes it can be hard to attract enough tourists. Lack of marketing is usually the issue, rather than the town just having nothing for tourists. A tourism management campaign looks for unique and cool aspects of the town and promotes them in multiple ways. Even if the key “selling point” for your town is being close to UT-Austin or home to a small historic district, promote it.

Performance Counts

We can help you monitor your results in two different ways. Web traffic is easy to track, and only takes a little technical knowledge to understand. The number of people who visit your site, register for email updates, click away to “visit” a local business are all worth knowing about. Outcomes matter too, and a good digital marketing campaign can deliver in a few ways:

  • Increased tax revenue
  • More hotel/motel bookings
  • Increased event attendance
  • Higher sales revenue at local businesses

In economic development work, you might have one or two more things that indicate success. You naturally want to track big “wins” like a professional office complex or a business development center or a small factory. Did this happen largely because someone made first contact through the Web site? Have you seen an influx, however small, of new remote workers or former city residents?

Let Us Manage Your Campaign

Whether you need to attract more tourists or attract some new businesses, we can help you start and run a great digital marketing campaign. We have the experience and track record needed to run a successful tourism or economic development campaign for your Texas town. Contact us to discuss our services and your marketing goals.